Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pick & Squeeze nearly cause riot as rabid fans rush the stage!

Here are the pics from tonight's gig with Andy and Greg...what a blast! I'm beat and am going home to pass out...will add more tomorrow...

Ok, it's "tomorrow" now...Monday actually. What a night that was. At one point I wormed my way up front and yelled at Greg and Andy, "What the heck are these people here for? You guys aren't even that good!" To which I was immediately manhandled by the attendant throng, body-surfed to the front door and summarily tossed out into the street.

Andy and Greg are two of the nicest guys around, and what fabulous musicians. Just another example of how rich the talent pool is in this little corner of the country. They'll be back on Friday July 25th...and we'll be bringing in reinforcements to help handle the mob. Greg will be here on Friday, June 6th with cellist extraordinaire Matt Turner.

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