Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun comments on a fun weekend

Check out the comments on the post below ("nV tees in my grubby hands") from those cheap buggers Dave and Nick. Brought a smile to my own sandy eyes and rum & coke addled brain from last night.

This has been a fun week and a fun weekend and it's only Saturday morning yet. It's people like Dave, Nick, new friends Paul and Talane from London, and all the other great regular pals here that make this a fun gig...and this weekend is extra special with the KiteFest going on (during an absolutely gorgeous day) and Nick performing tonight.

Friday, August 29, 2008

nV tees in my grubby hands

T-shirt model Jesse models one of the new nV shirts. Click the image to enlarge it and getter a better view of the tee (yes, that's Nick's poster in the window...clever, huh?).
Dig this...Nick Venturella (ok, I know you think his name sounds like he should be Formula One race car driver from the 60s...go ahead, say it again and paint the picture)...where was I...oh...Nick Venturella, who will be jamming here tonight read my post below where I gave justifiable props to our pal Dave Theiss and Lakeside Apparel, called Dave at his shop and ordered a bunch of cool new tees. A couple days ago Dave called me to say thanks for the shout we gave him and to tell me that Nick read the blog, ordered some shirts and could he drop them off over here for Nick to pick up when he gets to town (no mention of buying me a beer or anything for the sale that I, yes that's right, I facilitated...I know you're reading this Dave, cheap bugger!!!). Hoohaa!

A crappy picture (too much reflection on the lower letters, but you get the idea) of Nick's cool new logo design.
Seriously though, that's cool is it not. The guy comes to perform in town and even helps support local business while he's here...props to Nick for that and props to Dave again for doing quality work. So, I emailed Nick and asked him if he would like me to show the tees on here. He of course said sure thing. So here they are, official Nick Venturella designed nV logo shirts in a beautiful cherry red with black screen print on the front. I don't know what he has for sizes as I only pulled one out for Jesse to model here, but I imagine it's the usual mix. They're only $15 apiece, of which I don't get a stinkin' dime (yeah, I know you're reading this too Nick, cheap bugger!!!). I better get a song played just for me outta this, and it better be suitably stupid!

Get one tonight, hold it up when I snap some pics and you might make the cover of a CD.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nick Venturella at Stumpjack this Saturday!

Becky Markvart will be performing at the Stump this Friday at 8:00. More to come...

But first I want to post this excellent press release from Nick Venturella announcing his show here this coming Saturday (that's KiteFest weekend in Two Rivers). Nick's shows are simply the most fun shows of just about anyone who plays here, you will thoroughly have a blast, I promise.

Here's the release:

Nick Venturella is a folk/rock/garage/pop singer-songwriter who delivers smart songs with simplistic savvy and contagious enthusiasm.

While only 28 years old, Venturella has been writing and performing his music for 14+ years. On more of a pertinent note, Venturella has been performing locally in Two Rivers, Wisconsin at Stumpjack Coffee Company regularly for close to a year now. So, if you’ve missed his previous shows the upcoming August 30th performance will be your next opportunity to catch Nick Venturella.

Venturella's music stems from personal experiences and observations of life, relationships and self-awareness…think John Mayer and The BoDeans meet Ryan Adams, Roger Clyne and Dashboard Confessional. Plus, with a loose personable performance style, Venturella connects well with his audiences making each show a memorable one (be sure to have a joke in mind if you plan to attend the show).

Venturella is originally from St. Louis, MO, but got his musical start in Waukesha, WI. For the last few years he has lived in Madison. However, in the last year Venturella traveled across the country from Anchorage, Alaska to Raleigh, North Carolina trying to figure out where he might land next and decided on a little spot just north of the Milwaukee area. Nick Venturella performs throughout the upper Midwest at colleges, coffee shops, restaurants/bars, and private parties.

Venturella has had the opportunity to open for and work with some outstanding performers, including: Jason LaVasseur (Authentic Records), Copeland (The Militia Group), Catchpenny, John Hermanson (of Storyhill & Alva Star), Sean Michael Dargan, Mark Croft (Abacus Records), Ryan McIntyre and many more.

Coming off of the momentum recently created from his appearance at Summerfest 2008 Venturella is gaining a loyal following through his live performances, online social networks, college radio, and "through the grapevine" fan distribution of his music.

Venturella has six albums available for sale. His latest is primarily a live album, Premium Blend, as well as his latest full-length studio album, SweetSonic.

Don’t forget to check out Venturella’s website, MySpace and Facebook pages: (official site) (MySpace) (Facebook)

See you at the show…

Check the Kites Over Lake Michigan kite festival then come out to the show…

Saturday August 30, 2008

Show starts at 8:00 p.m. at…

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live music photos, CDs

Ethan Keller
It's just a few hours til Pat Zyduck plugs in here tonight. This is one of the cooler double-header weekends we've had...last night Ethan Keller was the bees knees with lots of new tunes and some totally funkified covers (e.g., kellerized Thomas Dolby and Junior Walker). It was a fun night for Kim and I, as we had Cheyenne and Glen here to help out and we both were able to just chill and enjoy the music and conversation.

...with melodica
We have a few copies of Ethan's new CD, "One Way," here too and a handful of his "Face Light" CD...been playing them both all day.

cool image of Ethan, although I wish it had a bit more light
Click here for the Ethan Keller Flickr set from last night.

Adam Morantez
Click here for the Adam Morantez set from a couple Friday ago. Adam was great...his first solo gig (you would never have known...he was confident and smooth). We've set another date with Adam for Friday, Oct. 3rd.

Pat Zyduck
Click here for the Pat Zyduck's set. What a totally enjoyable show from Pat last night...he's such a great guitar player and really fine songwriter. Had a couple of folks stop in this morning (Sunday morn) who were here last night, who said what a great time they had listening to Pat. We have a few of Pat's CDs availabkle too.

great color in this image of Pat

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick bullet list

Scroll down to Tuesday's "Three Things" post below.

Yesterday we sold all of the Tina Kugler posters we started with, so I made a quick run to Tina's pad and to Persimmons to snag 15 more (have 13 left in the Stump right now). I think around half of the 100-limit run is sold already so if you want one you'll want to get it soon, because they're going fast. At only $18 apiece it's an absolute steal.

While doing some online work yesterday I had Ethan Keller's and Pat Zyduck's myspace sites open in other windows, listening to their music as I worked (when Ethan's set would finish I'd click on Pat's and listen to that one, then back to Ethan's, and so on). Just getting revved up for this weekend (Ethan Keller on Friday & Pat Zyduck on Saturday). You gotta go to their myspace sites and listen to their music...these guys are so good.

Updated Stumptoons and Diary of the Daft a few days ago...check 'em out, leave comments if you have time.

Stumpjack contest winner celebration
We're going to start running some contests where you can win stuff like pounds of excellent coffee, Stumpjack T-shirts, lunch (voted "Best Lunch in Manitowoc County"), vino, tickets to tastings, trips to exotic locales, fresh fruits and vegetables, barista-for-a-day, secrets about secret stuff, fine cigars, stuff from my basement that I don't want anymore, guest blogger status, lawn mowing service, possible dates with Hollywood celebrity types, red meat, free beer, and lots of other great stuff. Next contest will be posted this weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stumpjack T-shirts via Lakeside Apparel

My daughter Cheyenne is a very creative and talented young artist. We'll be doing an exhibition of her art here at the Stump sometime next year. But for now, you can actually wear a piece of her art, as she designed this cool image for some of our T-shirts. We went through these pretty quickly and are ordering some more, so if you want one just let us know what size you want because we'll be ordering another batch pretty soon, along with some cool tie-dyed ones. We can ship anywhere too if need be.
Our "partner" in producing these shirts needs to be mentioned too. Dave Theiss of Lakeside Apparel in Two Rivers puts out the best quality screen printed product we've ever seen. I use the word partner because that's how Dave approaches any job he bring him an idea for what you want and after mulling it over he'll get creative, advise you and work with you on what's best for what you want done. The quality of his shirts and his screens is head and shoulders above most everyone else' crumbly or peeling images here, no cheap shirts that will come apart at the seams after three or four's all high quality stuff in every aspect of production. We pay more for Lakeside Apparel screened shirts than we would at other places, and we're glad to do so, because you get what you pay for. You want an el cheapo $4 printed shirt (that'll look like guano after you wear it and wash it a few times) then go somewhere want a high quality shirt with a tough, durable print then you go to Lakeside Apparel. Simple as that.

Dave's redoing his website right now and when it's completed I think the URL should be BTW, while I'll accept any discount or price-break I can get, we aren't getting anything for giving Dave a shout-out here (he doesn't even know I'm writing this)...I just like the idea of promoting any business that does quality work and treats people right.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three things

Uno: We have a few copies of Tina Kugler's most excellent SputnikFest poster on hand, featuring her cool retro SputnikBabe. These are numbered, limited edition posters (100 in the edition) screen printed on heavy stock, signed and numbered by Tina. If you're into excellent art work, all things retro or vintage, one-of-a-kind (or 100-of-a-kind) cool posters, or know someone who is (cool gift), then this thing is definitely for you. It's the inaugural poster for the very first annual SputnikFest event in Manitowoc county. The second best part of this is that they're dang inexpensive too...only $18...which is really kind of a crazy cheap price for something of this quality. I'm having mine matted and framed and it's going in my home office. Get 'em while they're hot, baby!

Dos: We have a really exceptional weekend of live music scheduled this week. On Friday (the 22nd) Ethan Keller is returning from Milwaukee. If you saw Ethan when he was here a few months ago you know how exceptionally good this guy is. If you like jazzy, funky guitar and appreciate exceptional musicianship and songwriting Ethan is the man to see. Last time he played we had a bunch of local musicians in the house as Ethan "built" a number of songs from the floor up right in front of everyone...the local guys were mighty impressed and all raved about what he was doing. You can listen to some of Ethan's music on his myspace site: 8:00pm Friday night.

Tres: On Saturday night Pat Zyduck will be doing his first gig at the Stump. We're pumped for this one too, because Pat has been to a few shows here when friends of his were playing and has actually sat in once or twice during breaks to play his own music. He was excellent, and his CD ("I Never Wanna Meet Another You") is a kicker too, so we scheduled a date and this Saturday (the 23rd) is it. Pat's music is a tight mix of blues-based rock with an old time country vibe hiding underneath (I think his Dad was a session guitarist who worked in Nashville). 8:00pm Saturday. You can hear some of Pat's music on his myspace site at:

We have some new eurobrews in the beer cooler this week too, including the English Fuller's 1845 Ale and Blanche de Namur, a Belgium Witbier (it's a biggie, over pint in a cool heavy glass bottle).

Friday, August 15, 2008

This week's HTR column

Here's the link. Make a comment on the site too if you have time.

I've added a column on the side ("My HTR Columns") with all of the columns to date that you can link to if you wish.

Updates and More Music

It's been a wild and woolly couple of weeks, with lots going on and I'm finding it a challenge to manage my time in getting everything done, including updating the blogs. I try to get in two or three updates a week but with our prepping the addition of a wine and cheese bar area in the shop, giving Kim a few days off, revamping the menu, and a few other double-secret projects in the works I haven't made the blogs a priority. Am hoping to update all three (Stumpjumper's Meandering, Stumptoons, Diary of the Daft) today (one down with this one...two to go).

And speaking of wild and woolly, Wild Bill Walkner will be here Saturday night at 8:00 to bring a smile to your ears and a melody to your soul. Come on down and relax and listen to some good-time tunes from Bill.

We're putting together the music schedule for the next three months or so now too...several "new" musicians and some old friends to make your weekends right.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Live Music this weekend w/ Adam & Lloyd

This weekend Stumpjack has some fine music scheduled. On Saturday our ol' pal Lloyd Rohr will be performing his mellow and raspy-voiced songs for your entertainment pleasure yet again. Lloyd's a pro who has been playing great music for quite a while along the lakeshore. Last time he was here (a month or so ago I think) Lloyd really was fabulous and everyone just had a great time. His songlist covers a lot of ground and is sure to smooth over any rough edges the work-week might have given you.

Lloyd Rohr
But first, on Friday night, Adam Morantez will be here for his first Stump gig. Adam and his wife just moved here from Minnesota and he stopped in a couple weeks ago to say hi and drop off a CD for us to listen to. After listening to Adam's CD we had planned to schedule him right away in October because we're fairly full-up until then. But as luck or fate would have it, Kelly Underwood called and said she was going to hit the American Idol try-outs in Nashville this Friday (good luck Kelly!) and wanted to know if it was all right to reschedule with us (hmmm...Stumpjack or American Idol...what to do, what to do...). So I emailed Adam straight away and asked him if he wanted to fill in this Friday...good luck for us because he said yes! It's short notice and we didn't have time to do a press release or anything substantive for the paper, but tomorrow night is the night folks. Come on down and welcome our new friend and neighbor and enjoy Adam's brand of acoustic music. If his CD mirrors what he plays live it will be an evening of good acoustic, spare and heartfelt, independent music.
Adam Morantez
8:00pm both nights.

Adam Morantez

Who: Adam Morantez

What: acoustic indie music

When: Friday, Aug 8 at 8:00pm

Where: Stumpjack Coffee, 1606 Washington St., Two Rivers

one drink minimum

Who: Lloyd Rohr

What: acoustic music, mellow and smooth
When: Saturday, Aug 9 at 8:00pm
Where: Stumpjack Coffee, 1606 Washington St., Two Rivers

one drink minimum

Derek Pritzl Flickr pics

Flickr images from Derek Pritzl's gig last Saturday night. We heard a number of cool new tunes from Derek, who was back in town from Madison where he is now going to school. He and Scott put on a rock & blues tour de force, with some great harp accompaniment on a few songs from a friend of theirs who's name I'm afraid I don't recall (look at the pics). My camera was on the fritz on Friday, the night before, when Mike Retzinger and Joa LaForce performed...great night of mucic from Mike and Joe, and some really fabulous guitar playing. Those guys are as smooth as silk, real pros.