Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grizzly Adams with JoAnn & Jeannie

Bill Martell just sent me several photos he took the other night when JoAnn and Jeannie were here, including this one that I like of me with the gals. You won't find too many images of me in the stuff we put on here because, even though I'm a camera hog and a ham, I figure there's enough of "me" in all this stuff already (the whole Stumpjack thing) and my already substantial ego doesn't need anymore stroking anyway. So while for that reason I'm a little wary of posting this picture (besides the fact that I look like an ornery, bearded Scotsman), anytime I get a picture of myself with beautiful women I just have to crow a little...and JoAnn and Jeannie both look freaking radiant don't they!

BTW, most of the beard's gone now...shaved it off a few days ago. Smooth as a baby's bottom.

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