Friday, April 18, 2008


I've got a ton of stuff to get done today before tonight's little beer and chocolate tasting, so I only have a few spare minutes right now but I wanted to give a huge shout out to JoAnn and Jeannie (Riedl and Mayotte) for their performance last night at the Stump. Musically, personally and professionally those two are just the cat's meow...the bee's knees...the dog's biscuit...lizard's gizzard...any particular critter metaphor you can come up with. Seriously, they're both uber-talented and just lovely people. It's just plain cool when you get to see and hear someone who's really good kicking it out with just a six-string and their voice. If you missed them last night you will get another chance to redeem yourself because they're coming back to kick the crap out of any and all bad attitudes on Saturday, May 24th.

I'll put last night's images up later, maybe tomorrow if time allows. FYI: JoAnn's band, The Barrettes, are schedules to play Summerfest on July 3rd at the Cascio Garage Groove Stage, next to the Marcus Amphitheater.

Now then, tonight we're doing the beer and chocolate tasting I mentioned above, during which we'll be treated yet again to some more lovely music from the lovely Becky Markvart. "Beer, BonBons and Becky"...that's what I should've called this tasting!

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