Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nick's post-Stumpjack gig blog post

Kind words from Mr. Venturella on his MySpace blog (click "Stumpjack re-cap" link), about Stumpjack Coffee and our fair city of Two Rivers. Nick came in for a little breakfast and conversation Sunday morning following his performance the night before...hung around and chatted with the Svatek clan, Greg Buckley, Lucy Z., et al.

My favorite line from Nick's post: "
Even new folks who walk in are greeted and treated like they've been in there a hundred times before."

I was just going to link to Nick's blog, but just realized that I think you have to have a myspace account to get into someone else's myspace to view their stuff. So, I've copied and pasted it here for everyone who doesn't have a myspace account (if you don't have one it'll only take you a couple minutes to sign up for one). Here's Nick's post:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Stumpjack re-cap
Category: Music

Well, I first want to thank everyone who came out to Stumpjack Coffee Company last Saturday (April 26th) to see me perform. It's always a great time at the Stump, and of course, I'd like to thank David Smith and his lovely wife Kim for their generous hospitality. The whole Stumpjack crew, Glen and Stefanie, as well as all the regulars, make this an inviting community in and of itself. Even new folks who walk in are greeted and treated like they've been in there a hundred times before.

The coolest part about Stumpjack, besides the great people and coffee, is that David keeps the Stumpjack community up-to-date with new happenings, thoughts, events, and pictures all available online for you to follow along throughout the daily Stumpjack journey…I check out the blog regularly just to find out what new happenstance David is writing about, and check out pics of other music performances and events.

If you haven't already ventured up to Two Rivers, WI, I urge you to soon, and be sure that when you do you check out Stumpjack Coffee Company…and tell David I sent you.

So, if you didn't already gather, I had a wonderful time at the show Saturday. There was a really great crowd that seemed to enjoy the show and, more importantly, each other's company, as part of the show involved a pedestrian comedy routine performed by audience members. We were all feeling so good that I ended up playing almost 40 minutes more than I was scheduled to…a thousand thanks yous to all of you that encouraged my goofiness throughout the evening.

I'm working with David to schedule another time, possibly this summer ('08), to come back. I will be sure to keep you all informed of exactly when that will be. In the meantime, check out the pics below to jog your memory of what happened that night (if you were there and partaking in any libations), or to see what you missed (if you weren't there…why weren't you there?)

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