Friday, August 28, 2009

Brothers Burn Mountain tonight

Here's an image of Ryan and Jesse Dermody of Brothers Burn Mountain doing so live music in the KAXE radio studio for "Centerstage Minnesota." The guys will be here tonight at 8pm. I've been a huge fan of their music from the very first listen. It's the kind of texturally rich music that makes for good daydreaming and mental escapism.Listen to them on their myspace site here. Seriously, click on the link and listen to them right now...let it play while you work in another window, but listen.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Jazz & Beer

Tonight's Thirsty Thursday musical guest: Saxi-Dan's Peas-a-Pye jazz trio. These cats were here about a month ago. It was fabulous! Truly wonderful stuff (I love a what a good jazz drummer brings to the mix, and Eric is a good drummer). Craig Peaslee (guitar), Dan Schielke (sax) and Eric Pye (drums) make Saxi-Dan's Peas-a-Pye (get it?). 7pm.

And the Thirsty Thursday drink special tonight is bottles of Goose Island 312 for $2.50 a bottle while they last. If we run out we'll call in a substitute New Glarus for the same price. 6-9pm. So, come have a beer and an artisan pizza with us tonight."Densely populated with flavor, 312’s spicy aroma of Cascade hops is followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body. This gives 312 a balance of flavor and refreshment..."

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nick Venturella

TONIGHT at 8pmNick Venturella

Tonight's "unloading crappy beer" Special:
Buy a regular GOOD beer and get a FREE Wild Blue blueberry swill...I mean lager...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The first Thirsty Thursday

Whoa! I forgot that tonight is the first new Thirsty Thursday at the Stump. Tonight's drink special: New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat Beer, only 2 bucks a bottle. And even more impressive, Becky Markvart, "Mistress of the Park," will be here to play a few lively tunes on her guitar (no slow songs tonight...I understand she'll be working her way through the entire Ted Nugent and Ratt song catalogs).

From New Glarus:
If you dream of wheat this brew will get your toes tapping. Since 1995 we have brewed Bavarian style wheat beers exclusively for the same great state that grows and malts our own Wisconsin wheat. In a world full of posers this is a true hefe-weizen naturally 100% bottle fermented and hazy.
Expect this beer to cascade effervescent into your glass. The rich spicy clove and cinnamon notes will greet your nose while sweet fruit and wheat kisses your lips.
Lick the foam from your mouth and admit sometimes you just gotta get up and dance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheap Date Special

Check out Kim's Wine All you Want blog for tonight's Cheap Date Special (she doesn't like it when I call it that).
For a paltry 20 bucks you get three yummy items.:
Tapas: Corn & Tomato Salsa
Pizza: Garden Veggie Parmesan
Wine: Carafe of White Sangria

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live tunes: Something completely different

Friday night
Dennis Hawk
From Dennis' myspace site: Dennis is a mixed blood Native American, Cherokee and Mesquaki. He is best known as a Native American Flute player and flute maker, however, he is also an accomplished guitarist and a composer as well. Dennis has found music to be a healer of the soul and bringing peace to the mind and body.

This is Dennis' first Stump gig and we're pretty pumped about having him here. His flute playing will be something totally different from what we've hosted before.

Saturday night
John Lambert
From John's myspace site: John Lambert is a long-time local Wisconsin Fox Valley musician, vocalist and songwriter. Tomorrow he'll be off to another performance spilling his soul into the lives of others. Writing and singing about lost loves, his beautiful daughters, appreciating what we have and finding a better place than being stuck in "limbo."
This is John's second time at the Stump.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crabby cyclist and first homebrew success

CLICK HERE to read about the grouchy bicyclist we had in the shop the other day; and CLICK HERE to see pics of my first homebrew.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Updating the blog roll

Going through the blog roll today. Adding some new faves. Here's a cool and niche-specific blog about coffee tables ( by Matthew Proctor. A very "clean" site about an unusually interesting topic. Check it out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Blues, Dairyland Esquivel and Good Time Rock n' Roll

Nick Weiland Returns

Yes! Nick Weiland is back to perform at Stumpjack. Although he's popped in a few times to say hi, the last time Nick belted out his excellent blues tunes was at our anniversary party last year. Well, he's been a busy man, recording a new CD and writing some great new music. Nick is one of our favorite musicians. I guarantee that if you like raw and passionate blues music you will love Nick Weiland. So come on down and start your weekend right.

Electric Lunch with
Greg Pagel
12:00 noon
According to Greg: "Come eat lunch at SJ, while I play a bunch of electrical music thingies. The pizza is awesome, and the music will probably be just as good, or at least as good as what's in your fridge."

Electric Lunch has become my favorite Saturday of the month. Greg's keyboard ramblings are always interesting, sometimes inspiring, occasionally odd. Sometimes I get the tiki vibe, sometimes the lounge vibe, sometimes the hopped up on mushrooms vibe. It's dang enjoyable.

The Sheryl and Tom Duet
From Sheryl and Tom's myspace site: The Sheryl and Tom Duet is a fun based pop rock band formed in the north suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. "I believe that a dose of vitamin jam is good for the soul!” says Sheryl. writing style provides a sweet harmony pop song with simple but meaningful lyrics and a catchy hook. Her writing inspirations come from being together, the experience of life in Chicago, and being near Lake Michigan. they set a fresh contemporary standard for close two-part harmonies infused and influenced by early rock and roll.

Sheryl and Tom are coming all the way up from the Chicago area just to perform at the Stump. If you like good time rock n' roll you'll like these two. Give their myspace site a listen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Night Special

Check out Kim's Wednesday Night Special artisan pizza/bottle of wine/yummy tapas for just 20 dinero. Here's the menu.

Monday, August 3, 2009

More fab art from the IQ

Dig this poster that our IQ (Illustration Queen) Tina Kugler did for an upcoming Lillie Lemon gig. The Lemon show is in October but this is too fun to not share now. Do you recall Tina's other cool gig poster she did for Stumpjack last year for the Them Damn Kids show?:Or this one she did for the snorb! gig in February of this year:Check out Tina's other fab art and illustration prowess on her blog TinaKuglerIllustration. If you're looking for someone to do some cool art for a CD or DVD cover, family portrait, book cover, wedding invitation art, children's book illustration, highway billboard design, tattoo design, candy bar wrapper, whatever-you-name-it...this dame is the one you want to do it for you. I've got plans to do a couple of children's book projects using Tina's talents. And her hubby Carson is the man for much the same sort of thing. We have designs on brewing beer on a small commercial scale in the near future and I'm thinking that Carson might be the man for doing our labels and promo stuff (I say might be because I haven't actually brought it up to him yet).