Friday, April 25, 2008

Stumpjack Coffee Blends for Cigars

I've been wanting to create some special coffees specifically for pairing with cigars for some time now, and finally we took the time to discuss the concept with our roaster, Russ from Two Rivers Roasting, with some ideas for what coffees to put together and what kind of cigars, generally speaking, we were looking to pair them with. We had the general idea, what specific qualities we were thinking of, but the real credit for the success of the project goes to our roaster. Russ made use of his extensive experience and know-how and created two outstanding blends, what we're calling, simply enough, Sigaro Mezcla Uno and Sigaro Mezcla Dos (Cigar Blend One and Cigar Blend Two). The label images shown here provide a little more detailed info (click on them to enlarge).

We've been putting them out in the shop for everyday brewed coffees and they've been very well received. I've also done some informal, backyard pairing with a few cigars from my humidor and thus far I've been very pleased indeed. Sometime soon we'll powwow with a few fellow aficionados and do a little more formal and documented pairing (specific cigars), and we'll share the results with everyone here. But shewt, stop in and get yourself a pound or two, open your humidor, grab a couple of smokes and make your own evaluation...have fun with it. We'll be getting another several pounds in later next week.

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