Friday, October 31, 2008

HALLOWEEN PARTY - Saturday - You're invited!

Saturday November 1st at 7:00pm: the first annual Stumpjack Halloween costume party (really the second, but technically the first one to actually be designated as an official Halloween party). This is going to be a most excellent time. While you technically don't have to come in costume, please seriously consider dressing up (shewt, everyone has something in their closet that at the very least looks a little "odd"...I've seen the way some of you people dress so I know this to be true!).

There will be costume judging, name drawings, opportunities for fame and maybe a little fortune, prizes both awesome and lame, and at the very least bragging rights over all of your sorry friends who didn't come.

The most fantastic prize of the evening will be a complimentary dinner for two, including wine and desert, at the Courthouse Pub in Manitowoc. Courthouse Pub always gets my recommendation and vote every year as the absolute BEST fine dining establishment in this or any other area around. The service is always topnotch, the food and drink is excellent in every respect, and the place just has a very cool vibe to it.
John Will Balsley from Milwaukee is going to be there too, to provide some kickin' blues and slide guitar. For those of you at last year's Stumpjack anniversary party you will remember that John Willy provided the music on that occasion as well.

Stumpjack Halloween Party: Saturday, November 1st, around 7:00pm

Friday Night's Live Musical Hot Air Balloon Festival featuring...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Presidential campaign fueled by coffee

Today's Herald Times Reporter coffee column, "Spill the Beans," by yours truly, is a very brief chat about a Presidents past and their relationship with our favorite drink. Click here to go to the site and read it online.

I've meant to keep the articles available on the blog, via the "My HTR Columns" links in the right-hand column, but you'll notice I haven't added any for over a month. I learned that the links to the HTR site are only temporary; that after a certain duration the articles are no longer accessible via their site unless you pay to access them. Well, I'm afraid that just won't do, so I'll figure a way to add them to the blog directly (via PDF, image, a separate blog link, whatever...) and will let you know when I've got that issue rectified.

But for now, you can check out my current column if you so wish, via the HTR site here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cat woman dances for Stumpjack coffee

Video evidence reveals transformational power of Stumpjack coffee.
Jungle feline creature (dubbed "Mittens" by villagers) is shown reacting after drinking a bowl of Stumpjack coffee left for it by superstitious natives. They claim the beast was actually a tribal princess who had been transformed into a feline by a vengeful witchdoctor. Upon drinking the Stumpjack coffee the spell was reversed and the woman was again herself, albeit with heretofore unknown seductive dancing abilities as shown in this hidden video documentary.

This video actually comes from one of my favorite YouTube channels, GUGUG, which primarily consists of Scottish musicians Gus and Fin performing unbelievably awesome versions of a wide range of tunes from all genres (from "Rawhide" to Bo Diddley to the Sex Pistols to Bob Marley to you name it) on plastic ukuleles, tea chest bass, kazoos, bongos, suit cases, wobble board, melodica, and so on... Every song in their catalog is absolutely stellar, and you'll have a tough time not running through every single video, repeatedly. They're that good. We gotta get these guys over here sometime. Check 'em out and tell me what you think. Trust me on this.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Alive!

Finally, the vid of Dan and Derek downloaded. It's on our YouTube account as well as right here. The other video below is of Kerry Michaels playing his song "Just a Dream" from last night's gig. That's on our YouTube account as well. Have a couple more vids to place on there yet...Dan Walkner, another of Kerry, and maybe a couple short silly ones from some chitchat in the shop. YouTube is great but I do wish that the videos would display sharper than they do...they always appear to get a little blurry in the transfer from camera or laptop to YouTube.

Derek Pritzl and Dan Walkner...on tune they wrote together

Kerry Michaels..."Just a Dream"...he nailed it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey, an actual update!

Derek & Dan
Here's some Flickr sets from the last couple of weekends: Adam Morantez 10/3; Bill Martell 10/4; Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl 10/10; Kelly Underwood 10/11.

Adam Morantez & Bill Martell - weekend of Oct 3&4.

Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl & Kelly Underwood - weekend of Oct 10&11

The Usual Suspects
I'm having a bit of trouble loading video onto YouTube. Will give it another try later (getting weary of it not loading already!). Have a great vid of Dan & Derek performing together, and a fun one of Kelly (I think she's flipping me the bird). Dan and Derek were freaking awesome together, and Kelly was a blast the next night, making up a bunch of off-the-cuff silly songs directed at people in the audience (including my daughter, Jesse, which was very fun).
Product placement, baby!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a-comin'

Just got back from a few days away in the Shawano area. Didn't have Internet access and frankly didn't want it anyway. So, I have a bunch of blogging to get done tonight and tomorrow, a few image files to load from the last couple of live music gigs, and a youtube video or two to post as well. Make sure to check back tomorrow...have some exciting news.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just got the word from Dan Walkner that Derek Pritzl will be his special guest this Friday night. Picture this...Friday night in the coolest small space on the lakeshore, enjoying a great Belgian beer or glass of good chardonnay, munching a little tapas, and listening to two guys who live and breathe hard-edged blues rock (it's practically a midwest supergroup...).

Friday at 8pm: Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl

Saturday night @ 8pm: Kelly Underwood closes the weekend with her gorgeous self. Back from Nashville to weave her lovely songs and voice into the evening.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More party pics

Our pal Marty took a bunch of pictures at the party the other day and here's his Flickr set of those. I pulled this sequence from his set just because they're too much fun not to show here too...we've got the most fun friends ever!
Mike's expression here is priceless!

Mike turns to quickly wash his face.

Kelly gets a little lovin' from the coffeeman...she's digging it, oh yeah!

Mike lingered a little too long, whispering sweet nothings...
Kelly nibbled and breathed heavily (I wish!)

Lori and me outside at the end of a fun evening.
I like this pic, the perspective down the street is cool.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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