Saturday, April 19, 2008

Derek's performing tonight

Spike and Tyke revving up for the Derek Pritzl gig tonight.

Last minute notice: Tonight at 8:00...DEREK PRITZL at Stumpjack Coffee. Derek has become a regular performer here at Stumpjack and he just keeps getting better and better every time. He's always writing new songs, connecting more and more with his audience. putting out 100% every single time. Apologies for getting this email out so late (I think I need an assistant...preferably one who also does massage therapy and knows how to make a good martini).

Come on down to Two Rivers tonight...there's great live music here, later at the Waverly with Bryan Lee, and then there's always live music at Element Bistro on Saturday night as's a trifecta of great nightlife on the lakeshore!

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