Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nick Venturella is the man

We have the absolute most fun when Nick Venturella comes to town to perform at Stumpjack Coffee. Nick has a wonderfully earthy and upbeat musical style, that comes across as very immediate and spontaneous. That impression is a testament to his stage presence and competence, because with over 14 years of performing experience and a half-dozen CD's under his belt the man is as prepared and professional as can be. But that's the old saw isn't it...the people who make it look easy are most often the ones who work the hardest and are the best prepared. And Nick does make it look easy. He's got a great sense of humor and wonderful ability to connect with his audience, and if you check out the pics from last night that I just placed on Flickr you will see an awful lot of smiles and laughs in the house. I defy anyone to not have a good time at a Nick Venturella concert and to not immediately like this guy. This might sound a little corny but Nick is just a heckuva decent guy, without pretense or conceit, and generous with his knowledge and time...a straight arrow, as they say. It's a real pleasure to work with someone of his character and talent. And the music is pretty dang awesome too!

I just woke up from a long nap on the couch at the's been a long couple of weeks and I'm going home now to go to bed early, but I wanted to get this post in and put the pictures on before hitting the hay. We're working on having Nick back sometime this summer and will hopefully post the date in the next day or two...when we do, make sure to mark it on your kitchen calendar and set that night will be glad you did, guaranteed.


jin said...

disappearing blogpost!!!!!!
Pissed Posting?
(Kinda like Drunk Dialing)

Methinks you might need to start a "Customers From Hell" category.

I will take one pound off your hands on Wednesday if you haven't unloaded it yet.

One word:

David said...

Yeah, I put it up and then thought maybe it would go better on Stumptoons, or my as yet unrealized "Diary of the Daft" blog...rather than on the "Stumpjumpers..." blog because of it's ornery tone. Coming off the feel-good posts before it and then reading something where I'm ticked off might be kind of a I'm rethinking placement of it is all. Might end up there...have to think about it a little. What do you think?