Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beers in the house

Marty with a Fiddler's Elbow from the Wychwood Brewery
We've been asked a few times why we don't regularly provide a beer list of the brews we have in the cooler. The main reason is because we rarely keep the same beers in stock. We mix it up pretty regularly, bringing new beers in and not reordering others. There's really no method to the madness, and we do it this way for no other reason than because we enjoy trying new beers (and there's only so much room in the case). One thing you can usually be sure of, you'll find a fairly eclectic mix of beer when you visit...and most of them will be brands that you won't normally find in most other pubs or coffee shops.

There are, however, a few that I make a point of trying to keep
in stock, just because they are on my favorites list so consistently (and I'm being entirely selfish here, because if I personally don't like the beer it won't be back).

Having just said all that, I did take a little time yesterday to put together a list for the
beers we had delivered to the shop this week. Here's part of what's in the case at the moment (images only, not adding the text for each beer):


bpowell said...

Nice post! Just like that my palate is craving an Extra Special Bitter and will hound me all day long until it is fulfilled.

OBTW, Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your place has lots of great comment though, it should be easier to find out simple things like hours and events. I tried your MySpace page, but it doesn't even list tonight's event! Too many blogs, not enough relevant information...

David said...

Thanks for the feedback, anonymous. The myspace site doesn't list tonight's event because there is no event tonight. Besides hours (events are listed weekly and monthly, consistently so) what other relevant info would you like to see? If there is something else you'd like to see please let us know...we're eager to "give the people what they want," so to anything you might suggest would be appreciated. Thanks much.

David said...

There you be , Mr. A...hours have been posted on the blog. Thanks for the input.

BTW, too many blogs? Not yet, my friend, not yet...