Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ethan Keller kicks butt!

Last night Ethan Keller again made it clear that he is one of the most gifted and interesting musicians around. Watching him build a song with his looping gizmos, doing his versions of unusual cover tunes (like Michael Jackson or Thomas Dolby...I'd show you his cover of Dolby's "She Blinded Me with Science" on video here, but he warned that a brick might drop if I did. lol.), and his own beautifully funky compositions is such a gas. Next time Ethan performs here you owe it to yourself to come check him out. I feel safe in saying that you won't find anyone else like him performing in this neck of the woods. I guarantee you will be duly impressed.

Here's a couple videos from last night's gig. The video and audio quality that my Flip Video records is pretty weak and hollow compared to the fullness of sound that Ethan produces while lose a lot of the little complexities of his performance. But it'll do.

We all shouted for an encore, and Marty hollered for "Christopher's Sister" off of Ethan's
Face Light CD. So, this is his final tune from last night. I've placed a few others onto the Stumpjack Coffee YouTube site...check 'em out.
Here's the link to Marty's Flickr set of images from Friday night. The top two images are from Martys camera...some by him and some by me.


bpowell said...

Thanks for the post David. At least I got to see a little of Ethan's performance even if I couldn't attend in person last night.

I will say this after viewing the video, you really owe it to yourself to spring for a stage light can off of e-Bay. Maybe two.

Bummed with a bug -


David said...

I am miffed! This is the second time that the system has inadvertently erased videos as I was loading them. Had a very cool vid of Ethan doing Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House," along with another 50 minutes of stuff from his first hour. GONE! Dammit! Oh well, nothing to be done about it now...breathe, David, breathe, count to ten....