Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dangit! Lost in computer wasteland.

As I write this I'm uploading the last of the videos onto YouTube of JoAnn, Jeannie and Chelsea from Saturday night's performance. Those gals are just the bee's knees! Really strong songwriters and very raw and elemental in their performances. When they perform it's about as close as you can get to the feeling of hanging out at a home party or around a campfire, drinking beer, your pals bringing out their guitars and everyone just having a great time...it's loose and relaxed, a good deal of fun chitchat and laughs, and some truly awesome music.

JoAnn Riedl
YouTube sucks for image quality in the transfer (everything seems to blur a bit), but the sound is pretty good. I'm using a Flip Video camera for everything, a great little gizmo I got from our friend Rob who's down in Texas. The image quality and sound coming off the Flip is excellent; it's on the YouTube end that the image gets fuzzy.

Jeannie Mayotte
I also had some great video of Matt Davies from Friday night and of Greg Pagel from Saturday's noon show. But something happened as I was uploading...everything froze up on the computer for several minutes and when it finally kicked in again all of my videos had been erased. All of them, not just the ones of Matt and Greg, but all of them. Fortunately, the ones of JoAnn, Jeannie and Chelsea were on the camera yet, and not in the Flip files like the others. I'm bummed but what can you do.

Chelsea Z.

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