Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloweeny pics

Brian & Darla - the devil and her air freshener
Got the Halloween pics up on Flickr now. Brian and Marty are way more efficient than I, and got theirs up straight away.
Go here for my set.
Go here for Brian's set.
Go here for Marty's set.

Here's a short video of everyone raising their glass and saying Happy Birthday to Nic from Red Bank Coffee here in town. Plus it was Marty & Lori's anniversary and Becky & Mike's anniversary. Pretty cool that they spent them with all of us at Stumpjack.

a motley crew

a gypsy rose

Darla & Brian win the big prize, dinner for two at Courthouse Pub!

queen bee and here favorite flower

three cuties

dark angel and that hipster from the late 50s

Connie, more lovely than ever

we look sooooo awesome!

1 comment:

bpowell said...

We had a BLAST! Thanks again for the awesome gift that we won. We'll be sure to toast you when we go out to enjoy our prize.

Looking forward to next year's party, which promises to be even better.

And to all of you snoozers that missed this fun event - well, you know what you are, don't make me say it.