Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A very busy week

There are many people going around today with smiles on their faces and calling this "a great day for America." I agree, because we're finally done with all those political ads!

We have a very busy week here at Stumpjack. Here's the itinerary:

Thursday, Nov. 6
Wine and Cheese Tasting
members $15
nonmembers $20
Call (553-5282) or email ( Stumpjack Coffee to reserve your spots. It's going to be an enjoyable and yummy couple of hours.

Friday, Nov. 7
Art Opening: Drawings and works by Steph Davies
Steph's drawings are quite wonderful...delicate, spontaneous and joyful.
Folk Musician Matt Davies
Matt will be providing live music for Steph's art opening. He's a fabulous folk guitarist and songwriter, very much in the spirit of Woodie Guthrie or early Dylan.

Saturday, Nov. 8
Live music with Greg Pagel - keyboard and accordion demon.
12:00 noon
Saturday, Nov. 8
Live Music with JoAnn Riedl, Jeannie Mayotte and Chelsea Z. - a trio of rockin' Milwaukee artists.

I'll also be uploading images and video today from this past weekend's Halloween party. Check back later today.

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bpowell said...

This goes without saying, but seriously David, YOU AND KIM ROCK! What a great, fun, social mecca you've created in downtown TR.

Keep on truckin'