Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just received a comment on the blog asking about tonight's event. There is no event going on at the Stump tonight, folks. It's the first weekend in a long time that we have no live music on tap. John and Jeremy of NineDays were scheduled to perform but we have to reschedule that one. Didn't do a fill-in gig for tonight because if it ain't gonna be John and Jeremy it ain't gonna to be anyone! Seriously, we just decided to enjoy a quiet evening...closing early tonight (sometime between 4:00 and 5:00) to enjoy what's left of my birthday.

Becky Markvart and Bill Martell (Six Degrees) will be performing at Courthouse Pub tonight around 10:00 I think. We're probably going to head over there to relax and have folks wait on us for a change.



bpowell said...

Darla and I will miss our Stump fix after becoming addicted to the entertainment you host each weekend. Enjoy your birthday evening!

OBTW, I would also like to see the hours displayed online and updated if possible. Actually I'd like to see you open and providing live musical entertainment 24/7, but I can be reasonable and I'll take what I can get. :-)


David said...

A guy or gal just mentioned that on the beers post below...posting hours. He or she makes a good point. Up until now I've hesitated to place hours on the blog. But it is probably a good idea so I just put the hours on there, in the right-hand column. Am planning to revamp the whole site pretty soon (I want a 3-column site), as well as getting an actual website up and running before year's end.