Friday, August 15, 2008

Updates and More Music

It's been a wild and woolly couple of weeks, with lots going on and I'm finding it a challenge to manage my time in getting everything done, including updating the blogs. I try to get in two or three updates a week but with our prepping the addition of a wine and cheese bar area in the shop, giving Kim a few days off, revamping the menu, and a few other double-secret projects in the works I haven't made the blogs a priority. Am hoping to update all three (Stumpjumper's Meandering, Stumptoons, Diary of the Daft) today (one down with this one...two to go).

And speaking of wild and woolly, Wild Bill Walkner will be here Saturday night at 8:00 to bring a smile to your ears and a melody to your soul. Come on down and relax and listen to some good-time tunes from Bill.

We're putting together the music schedule for the next three months or so now too...several "new" musicians and some old friends to make your weekends right.

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Nate said...

i'll see in a week or so how my pics turned out. effin' film!