Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three things

Uno: We have a few copies of Tina Kugler's most excellent SputnikFest poster on hand, featuring her cool retro SputnikBabe. These are numbered, limited edition posters (100 in the edition) screen printed on heavy stock, signed and numbered by Tina. If you're into excellent art work, all things retro or vintage, one-of-a-kind (or 100-of-a-kind) cool posters, or know someone who is (cool gift), then this thing is definitely for you. It's the inaugural poster for the very first annual SputnikFest event in Manitowoc county. The second best part of this is that they're dang inexpensive too...only $18...which is really kind of a crazy cheap price for something of this quality. I'm having mine matted and framed and it's going in my home office. Get 'em while they're hot, baby!

Dos: We have a really exceptional weekend of live music scheduled this week. On Friday (the 22nd) Ethan Keller is returning from Milwaukee. If you saw Ethan when he was here a few months ago you know how exceptionally good this guy is. If you like jazzy, funky guitar and appreciate exceptional musicianship and songwriting Ethan is the man to see. Last time he played we had a bunch of local musicians in the house as Ethan "built" a number of songs from the floor up right in front of everyone...the local guys were mighty impressed and all raved about what he was doing. You can listen to some of Ethan's music on his myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/ethankeller. 8:00pm Friday night.

Tres: On Saturday night Pat Zyduck will be doing his first gig at the Stump. We're pumped for this one too, because Pat has been to a few shows here when friends of his were playing and has actually sat in once or twice during breaks to play his own music. He was excellent, and his CD ("I Never Wanna Meet Another You") is a kicker too, so we scheduled a date and this Saturday (the 23rd) is it. Pat's music is a tight mix of blues-based rock with an old time country vibe hiding underneath (I think his Dad was a session guitarist who worked in Nashville). 8:00pm Saturday. You can hear some of Pat's music on his myspace site at: http://www.myspace.com/patzyduck.

We have some new eurobrews in the beer cooler this week too, including the English Fuller's 1845 Ale and Blanche de Namur, a Belgium Witbier (it's a biggie, over pint in a cool heavy glass bottle).

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Don said...

hey David. Bad news. Our lone babysitter is working the closing shift both Friday and Saturday, so Jane and I are SOL this weekend.

Well, I'm not quite-as-SOL, I'm taking Catherine to see Clone Wars this evening!