Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live music photos, CDs

Ethan Keller
It's just a few hours til Pat Zyduck plugs in here tonight. This is one of the cooler double-header weekends we've had...last night Ethan Keller was the bees knees with lots of new tunes and some totally funkified covers (e.g., kellerized Thomas Dolby and Junior Walker). It was a fun night for Kim and I, as we had Cheyenne and Glen here to help out and we both were able to just chill and enjoy the music and conversation.

...with melodica
We have a few copies of Ethan's new CD, "One Way," here too and a handful of his "Face Light" CD...been playing them both all day.

cool image of Ethan, although I wish it had a bit more light
Click here for the Ethan Keller Flickr set from last night.

Adam Morantez
Click here for the Adam Morantez set from a couple Friday ago. Adam was great...his first solo gig (you would never have known...he was confident and smooth). We've set another date with Adam for Friday, Oct. 3rd.

Pat Zyduck
Click here for the Pat Zyduck's set. What a totally enjoyable show from Pat last night...he's such a great guitar player and really fine songwriter. Had a couple of folks stop in this morning (Sunday morn) who were here last night, who said what a great time they had listening to Pat. We have a few of Pat's CDs availabkle too.

great color in this image of Pat

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