Friday, August 29, 2008

nV tees in my grubby hands

T-shirt model Jesse models one of the new nV shirts. Click the image to enlarge it and getter a better view of the tee (yes, that's Nick's poster in the window...clever, huh?).
Dig this...Nick Venturella (ok, I know you think his name sounds like he should be Formula One race car driver from the 60s...go ahead, say it again and paint the picture)...where was I...oh...Nick Venturella, who will be jamming here tonight read my post below where I gave justifiable props to our pal Dave Theiss and Lakeside Apparel, called Dave at his shop and ordered a bunch of cool new tees. A couple days ago Dave called me to say thanks for the shout we gave him and to tell me that Nick read the blog, ordered some shirts and could he drop them off over here for Nick to pick up when he gets to town (no mention of buying me a beer or anything for the sale that I, yes that's right, I facilitated...I know you're reading this Dave, cheap bugger!!!). Hoohaa!

A crappy picture (too much reflection on the lower letters, but you get the idea) of Nick's cool new logo design.
Seriously though, that's cool is it not. The guy comes to perform in town and even helps support local business while he's here...props to Nick for that and props to Dave again for doing quality work. So, I emailed Nick and asked him if he would like me to show the tees on here. He of course said sure thing. So here they are, official Nick Venturella designed nV logo shirts in a beautiful cherry red with black screen print on the front. I don't know what he has for sizes as I only pulled one out for Jesse to model here, but I imagine it's the usual mix. They're only $15 apiece, of which I don't get a stinkin' dime (yeah, I know you're reading this too Nick, cheap bugger!!!). I better get a song played just for me outta this, and it better be suitably stupid!

Get one tonight, hold it up when I snap some pics and you might make the cover of a CD.


lakesideapparel said...

Thanks for the kind words.
A huge shout out to you and all of the support you give me and my company. I certainly owe you a cigar or a frosty beverage (one or the other, certainly not both... I am on a budget)

I picked up "SweetSonic", Nick's 2006 studio album, this morning (with my Heath Mocha Blended coffee), just to get a taste of what Saturday will have to offer.
Well I must say, I lost count after itunes shuffled through the album for the 6th time. It is FANTASTIC - An acoustic guitar laced cruise through a day with Nick. Thoroughly enjoyable and I am looking forward to checking him out on Saturday night. The Heath Mocha wasn't to bad either.
I can't thank Nick enough for giving my company the opportunity to help him out with his apparel needs and I am especially looking forward to meeting him and listening to him live on Saturday night... After my full day of listening pleasure, I will be the one in the finely crafted Red T-shirt lip syncing the words to every song.
Thanks David and Nick and I will see you Saturday Night.
Dave Theiss
Lakeside Apparel & Signs (shameless plug)

David said...

hoohaa...too good Dave! "the one in the finely crafted Red T-shirt lip syncing the words to every song." What a great line. I'm fairly well inebriated right now, after an evening of excellent music from one Becky Markvart and rum & cokes with our new pals Paul and Talane from London. Thanks, bro...your comment is a great way to end the evening.

Nick said...

David (from Stumpjack, from this point forward referred to as Stumpy David) and Dave (from Lakeside Apparel, from this point forward referred to as Lakeside Dave)...too many Daves or Davids...anyway, I want to thank both of you for all your help, it's folks like you that make me love coming out to Two Rivers to perform.

It's funny, I actually just woke up and checked out the Stumpjack blog, and I didn't expect to be reading what I'm reading, but I'm flattered. It put a smile on my face, even though my eyes were still half-closed (man I need to wake up...I wish I had some Stump coffee right now). So, I had this smile on my face then I got to the part where Stumpy David calls me a cheap bugger! now I'm thinking up a way to pay him back. I think I have something special lined up to repay Stumpy David at the show...David make sure you have picked out your favorite song of mine.

As for Lakeside Dave, (from Stumpy David's pictures) the shirts look awesome, thank you. I can't wait to see them in person, and meet you in person, too...and if I forget the words to one of my songs perhaps you can stop lip syncing and actually sing the words for me. He he.

Okay, now I have to do this...For anyone reading this please come out to the show tonight we're going to have a great time...or, at least stop in to Stumpjack Coffee Company today and pick up a drink. Also if you need any t-shirts screen printed be sure to call Dave at Lakeside Apparel to get them done you'll be happy you did. Supporting local business is good.

See you tonight!


David said...

hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about the moniker "Stumpy Dave." Can we go with something a little more in keeping with my manly persona? Say, "Giant Redwood Stump David" or "Sequoia Stump D" or even just "The Oak" (I know, Schwarzenegger had that one...but it's been long retired and is ready to be revived).