Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick bullet list

Scroll down to Tuesday's "Three Things" post below.

Yesterday we sold all of the Tina Kugler posters we started with, so I made a quick run to Tina's pad and to Persimmons to snag 15 more (have 13 left in the Stump right now). I think around half of the 100-limit run is sold already so if you want one you'll want to get it soon, because they're going fast. At only $18 apiece it's an absolute steal.

While doing some online work yesterday I had Ethan Keller's and Pat Zyduck's myspace sites open in other windows, listening to their music as I worked (when Ethan's set would finish I'd click on Pat's and listen to that one, then back to Ethan's, and so on). Just getting revved up for this weekend (Ethan Keller on Friday & Pat Zyduck on Saturday). You gotta go to their myspace sites and listen to their music...these guys are so good.

Updated Stumptoons and Diary of the Daft a few days ago...check 'em out, leave comments if you have time.

Stumpjack contest winner celebration
We're going to start running some contests where you can win stuff like pounds of excellent coffee, Stumpjack T-shirts, lunch (voted "Best Lunch in Manitowoc County"), vino, tickets to tastings, trips to exotic locales, fresh fruits and vegetables, barista-for-a-day, secrets about secret stuff, fine cigars, stuff from my basement that I don't want anymore, guest blogger status, lawn mowing service, possible dates with Hollywood celebrity types, red meat, free beer, and lots of other great stuff. Next contest will be posted this weekend.

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