Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Presidential campaign fueled by coffee

Today's Herald Times Reporter coffee column, "Spill the Beans," by yours truly, is a very brief chat about a Presidents past and their relationship with our favorite drink. Click here to go to the site and read it online.

I've meant to keep the articles available on the blog, via the "My HTR Columns" links in the right-hand column, but you'll notice I haven't added any for over a month. I learned that the links to the HTR site are only temporary; that after a certain duration the articles are no longer accessible via their site unless you pay to access them. Well, I'm afraid that just won't do, so I'll figure a way to add them to the blog directly (via PDF, image, a separate blog link, whatever...) and will let you know when I've got that issue rectified.

But for now, you can check out my current column if you so wish, via the HTR site here.

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