Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Just got the word from Dan Walkner that Derek Pritzl will be his special guest this Friday night. Picture this...Friday night in the coolest small space on the lakeshore, enjoying a great Belgian beer or glass of good chardonnay, munching a little tapas, and listening to two guys who live and breathe hard-edged blues rock (it's practically a midwest supergroup...).

Friday at 8pm: Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl

Saturday night @ 8pm: Kelly Underwood closes the weekend with her gorgeous self. Back from Nashville to weave her lovely songs and voice into the evening.

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Dan Walkner said...

Hey, Stumpers. Get this: we even practiced! All kidding aside, we wrote a tune we will perform this week and jam on some other goodies. It will be a gas!!