Thursday, October 2, 2008

More party pics

Our pal Marty took a bunch of pictures at the party the other day and here's his Flickr set of those. I pulled this sequence from his set just because they're too much fun not to show here too...we've got the most fun friends ever!
Mike's expression here is priceless!

Mike turns to quickly wash his face.

Kelly gets a little lovin' from the coffeeman...she's digging it, oh yeah!

Mike lingered a little too long, whispering sweet nothings...
Kelly nibbled and breathed heavily (I wish!)

Lori and me outside at the end of a fun evening.
I like this pic, the perspective down the street is cool.

1 comment:

jin said...

Gr8 pics!!!
Sorry I missed the par-tay. :-(

I am ridiculously ashamed to admit
I was first fully able to comprehend
the carrot superimposition comment
just now ! ! !

I know I know...
overworked & undercarroted I 'spose!