Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cat woman dances for Stumpjack coffee

Video evidence reveals transformational power of Stumpjack coffee.
Jungle feline creature (dubbed "Mittens" by villagers) is shown reacting after drinking a bowl of Stumpjack coffee left for it by superstitious natives. They claim the beast was actually a tribal princess who had been transformed into a feline by a vengeful witchdoctor. Upon drinking the Stumpjack coffee the spell was reversed and the woman was again herself, albeit with heretofore unknown seductive dancing abilities as shown in this hidden video documentary.

This video actually comes from one of my favorite YouTube channels, GUGUG, which primarily consists of Scottish musicians Gus and Fin performing unbelievably awesome versions of a wide range of tunes from all genres (from "Rawhide" to Bo Diddley to the Sex Pistols to Bob Marley to you name it) on plastic ukuleles, tea chest bass, kazoos, bongos, suit cases, wobble board, melodica, and so on... Every song in their catalog is absolutely stellar, and you'll have a tough time not running through every single video, repeatedly. They're that good. We gotta get these guys over here sometime. Check 'em out and tell me what you think. Trust me on this.

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