Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey, an actual update!

Derek & Dan
Here's some Flickr sets from the last couple of weekends: Adam Morantez 10/3; Bill Martell 10/4; Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl 10/10; Kelly Underwood 10/11.

Adam Morantez & Bill Martell - weekend of Oct 3&4.

Dan Walkner with Derek Pritzl & Kelly Underwood - weekend of Oct 10&11

The Usual Suspects
I'm having a bit of trouble loading video onto YouTube. Will give it another try later (getting weary of it not loading already!). Have a great vid of Dan & Derek performing together, and a fun one of Kelly (I think she's flipping me the bird). Dan and Derek were freaking awesome together, and Kelly was a blast the next night, making up a bunch of off-the-cuff silly songs directed at people in the audience (including my daughter, Jesse, which was very fun).
Product placement, baby!

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