Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nick Venturella...This Friday, Live Baby!

I'll post some images and whatnot from Saturday night's anniversary party, but first I need to let you know that this Friday night we will having another fan-freaking-tastic night of live music, with Nick Venturella. We're not doing many Friday night gigs this year so this is an extra special night in that regard. Nick will have his CDs available for signing as well. Here's the press release:

Friday, November 9th at 8:00 pm...Nick Venturella at Stumpjack Coffee!

Nick is a folk-rock/garage/pop singer-songwriter who delivers smart songs with simplistic savvy. He has been writing and performing his music for a little over a decade. His music stems from personal experiences and observations of life, relationships and self-awareness.

Nick's acceptance of various influences allows his sound to be versatile and forever evolving. Plus, with a loose personable performance style, Venturella connects well with his audiences making each show a memorable one.

Music has afforded Nick the opportunity to open for and work with some outstanding performers, including: Jason LaVasseur, Copeland (Yes, the same Copeland that is on the MySpace Records Compilation), Catchpenny, Life in General, Fade 2 Shade, John Hermanson (of Alva Star and Storyhill), and Ryan McIntyre (formerly of EXIT).

Nick has recorded and released six CDs, including the just released "Premium Blend," a collection of live performances, demos and Holiday tracks. He is also currently compiling information for a book on independent musicians and performers in Wisconsin. College radio, word-of-mouth and "through the grapevine" fan distribution have grown a loyal following for this Midwestern D.I.Y. independent.

As with all shows at Stumpjack Coffee the only cover charge required is the purchase of a drink.

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