Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Manitowoc Coffee

Yesterday (Monday) Kim and I stopped in to the new Manitowoc Coffee shop at 836 S. 8th in the old Kresge building...and I am writing this post from there today as well as we stopped in with my laptop to check mail before heading home from grocery shopping. This place has a very nice feel to it...the ambiance is warmly urban and inviting, with light brick and dark wood throughout, a softly hued tile floor and three flat screen televisions that project a rotating series of vintage images of downtown Manitowoc. Dark wood tables and chairs and a few luxurious leather chairs and couches make for comfortable sitting. They have done a really beautiful job in creating a warm and relaxing space.

Yesterday, Holly (I believe she said that she is the general manager of the building...forgive me if I got that wrong, Holly) was manning the counter and espresso machine...and the service both yesterday and today (different folks running the shop today) has been expedient and very friendly. I like the logo of the business too; a silhouette of recognizable Manitowoc landmarks, that also dovetails nicely with their tagline of "Your Community, Your Coffee" (although, according to Holly, they use Cedarburg Coffee Roastery. I might think they would use Two Rivers Roasting if they wished to really stay true to the "Your Community, Your Coffee" line...but that may be a minor quibble...or maybe not...).

In any event, it's great to have this place open in downtown Manitowoc. It is a wonderful-looking cafe and the folks staffing it seem to be excited and very keen on doing it right. After they get their website up and running we'll link to it. It's a great addition to the community and I have a feeling that they will do very well (I've always said that it's better for everyone, both businesses and the buying public, to have more choices). Check them out next time you're downtown in Manitowoc. Kim wants to get going so I have to cut this short.



Persimmons Gal said...

I wish everyone had your great attitude about business David.

Manitowoc Coffee said...

Thanks for the great feedback David! We are so excited to be a part of the community and appreciate the great feedback!

Holly Pietenpol
Retail Director
Manitowoc Main Street