Thursday, November 8, 2007

Anniversary Party Pics

Ok, here's a few images from last Saturday's Stumpjack Coffee's One-Year Anniversary Party.

John Will Balsley was outstanding as he played some great bluesy tunes, including some on steel guitar. My amigo Larry on the right...lookin' pretty fit there bro!

Lots of people dressed up; lots of coffee, wine and beer was consumed; lots of good vibes and warm compliments from all the Stumpjumpers in attendance. We're thinking of hosting parties like this (maybe themed costume parties...can you say "toga!") at least a couple times a year now.

We drew names and a bunch of people won stuff, and I'll put the names and prizes up on the next thread (gotta finish this one up now). That' me above there, gettin' some lovin' from my own personal prizes (Debbie and Laurie..."StumpBunnies").

Go here to see a Flickr set of images from the evening courtesy of our pal Marty ("Thing 2") "View as slide show" in the upper right corner when you get there.

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Persimmons Gal said...

Wish we could have come but we were too loopy to drive to TR after the benefit. Sounds like we missed a good time.