Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates and Flickr photos

Nick doin' his thang...

Ok, these last couple weeks have seemed hectic, yet I can't really think of anything substantively out of the ordinary that I got accomplished. Here, finally, are some images from the last few weeks of partying and music. Click on the purple text links for the Flickr pic.

November 3, 2007: Stumpjack One-Year Anniversary Party
Marty's Flickr pics of the evening again.

Nick Venturella Nov 9, 2007

Full house for Nick Venturella...Nick was a blast, lots of fun and silliness, interaction with the crowd, and some mighty fine music from this singer/songwriter from my old stompin' ground in Madison. We're planning on having Nick back sometime soon.

TRiP Nov 16, 2007

TRiP was just that...not music in the familiar, traditional sense. Here's what I wrote on the HTR Forum, along with a couple of responses from people who were here.

"The trio of upright bass, electronic cello and keyboard/accordion, performed what was in many ways an experiment in aural stimulation and sound. It was very much a free form, electronica and jazz improvisation performance from the three artists (from Chicago, Milwaukee and Manitowoc, respectively).

If I had to describe what they did I might also add that it was at times very intriguing and engrossing, and at times almost painful and unsettling...but always interesting. The interesting thing, as it relates to the subject of this thread on the power of music, is how people reacted to it. There were those who were totally into it, trying to follow and figure out where the piece might be going, and how each musician was playing off the others. And then there were those who thought it was just too weird, too harsh, too non-melodic, too unfamiliar...those people didn't like it at all, even to the point of appearing irritated and expressing themselves rudely to what they were hearing. Attentiveness and applause from one contingent...disregard and disrespect from another.

I occasionally wonder if the prevailing musical taste in our area is automatically antagonistic to anything that ISN'T a polka, punk or pop cover band. It was nice to see at least a few folks last night who were willing to entertain the idea of something completely different."

A few responses:

My family appreciates the local injection of diverse musical styles found at Stumpjacks. Thanks, David, for taking the risk of doing something new. We had fun last night and were lucky to get a table. You may have to invest in some folding chairs - or knock out a wall.

The urban atmosphere at Stumpjacks reminded us of being downtown Mad Town. If I didn't recognize the building across the street...

-- Gopnot

Although the music last night at the Stump was not 'my cup of tea' I am continually thankful for David broadening my mind. We were pretty sure we hear a rendition of happy birthday in there - and David - I would have applauded - but I was never quite sure when a song ended. lol.

-- Outnabout

I appreciate most sorts of music and was at Stumpjack for TrIP. I didn't recognize it as music at all, but it's great that [Stumpjack] brings those types of performers to Two Rivers. I didn't stay to listen because I just couldn't get into it at all - but it would have been the same case if it would have been a old style country band.

-- TR

Y'all have an outstanding Thanksgiving now! Be thankful for, among many other things, your family and friends...and for good coffee too!

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Greg said...

Thanks so much, Dave. We had a great time.