Monday, October 29, 2007


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I forgot to update this with more info like I said I would. Here's part of the text from the email we sent out to the Stumpers:

We are having a little soirée this coming Saturday, Nov 3rd from around 7:30 until around 10:00 at the Stump, as a way to say thanks to you for helping us survive the first year. It's something of a costume party too, although you are not absolutely required to wear anything other than your normal goofy apparel (some of you I wonder about)...but it is right on the heels of Halloween and so if you do wear something we're going to be taking some pictures throughout the night that will someday become a significant part of the Stumpjack Empire history and when the Stumpjack History Museum is erected and people enter the "One Year Anniversary Party" exhibit you can proudly point to yourself in the framed pictures and say to your great grandkids, "That's me there, kids...yup, that's me in the sexy pirate costume and there's your grampa next to me in the Tarzan get-up!" And of course the kids will go "oooooh...gramms and gramps, we had no idea you were so cool!"). But if I'm the only idiot wearing a costume all night that'll be okay too...

However, if you do come wearing a costume of any kind you will be the recipient of an extra little something special...(bwahahahaaaaaa...evil laugh...). Coffee drinks are on us this night too (of course decaff too, if you need it).

John Will Balsley from Milwaukee (and recently Chicago I guess...where he recorded his first CD) will be performing. He's a singer/songwriter in the old folk and blue tradition, and does some real nice guitar work too. Check out his music at his myspace site here (

Mark it down...Saturday, Nov. 3rd at around 7:30/8:00 pm. Stumpjack Anniversary Party. Bring the attached invitation in, print your name on it, and we'll throw it in a drawing for some cool stuff too.

Be there or live in shame!

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