Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prom Night in Two Rivers

Last night Kerry performed, prom dates danced together, people sampled Russian beer, and the evening weather was fantastic. Another fun, relaxing and beautiful evening of music and friends at Stumpjack.

Two Rivers' Prom was last night and we had some finely attired couples enjoying the space and coffee after the dance. Kerry was great and played a few slow tunes to dance to. Ahhh...amore'...pretty cool to see.

We are going to be experimenting with our beer list a bit more frequently, adding and trying out some unusual brews from time to time, and right now we have three new Russian beers on hand (in addition to the fantastic Sleeman beers that have become our mainstay). I'll write more about them in a different post, but since we brought them in a couple days ago people have been sampling them and the critiques have been very good.

Kerry played one of his new compositions for us last night, a lovely though somber ballad that reminded me just what a fine songwriter he is.

We've got a pretty full schedule of weekend entertainment next month (3 weekends in a row right now), so check back in a day or two when I post the calendar here. Ciao!

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