Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kelly!

"Kelly is a babe!" says her husband Mike.
"Kelly Zimmer rocks!" says her friend Suzy.
"Kelly...Kelly who..." says anonymous Stumpjack patron.
"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly..." says Woody from Cheers.
"Kelly uses all my to-go cups even when she stays in!" says David.

In lieu of a picture of Kelly (didn't think to take one) we have instead a picture of famed sharpshooter and woman-extraordinaire Annie Oakley. Oakley's birthday was in August and so there is really no connection to Kelly Zimmer other than Kelly's fondness for Oakley's attire, which Kelly can often be seen wearing as she walks the streets brandishing her trusty rifle (I think Annie Oakley did, however, join Buffalo Bill's famous Wild West Show in the month of April).

Also sharing birthdays with Kelly in this month of April are William Shakespeare, Charlie Chaplin, Maya Angelou, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, Willie Nelson and Adolf Hitler.
Happy Birthday Kelly from your coffee drinking pals at the Stumpjack Coffee Company.

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