Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Happenstance last Saturday night

Last Saturday (March 31st) a full house enjoyed the mellow guitar and vocals of Happenstance. With every seat taken people stood and sat on the floor. This is the second gig for the acoustic duo of Becky Markvardt and Debbie Kimmes at the Stumpjack.

Kim and I were hopping all night, working like a well oiled machine. And neither of us got frustrated with the other even once during the night...amazing! We must be jellin'. We finally rolled home at around 2:30 in the morning after emptying a couple bottles of wine and telling indelicate stories with Sandy and Terry until 1:30 or so. A good night...and I think we all paid for it a little Sunday morning.

Tres Amigos
(why does everyone have old to-go cups here?...oh yeah, it was the mineral water thing...)


PJ Braun said...

Mineral water, the fancy stuff not Schwepps club soda, we won't settle for just any old espresso, it must be Daves fine brew, by the same token we want real mineral water, i.e. San Pellegrino, Gerolsteiner, even Perrier, would suffice. First Coffee snobs now, mineral water snobs, where will it end.

David said...

Mineral water...mineral water snobs yet...well, it just goes to show that we cater to all sorts of odd and colorful characters, because yes, we will soon be offering Stumpjack mineral water. Next they'll be nagging for Cuban cigars and naughty reading material...where will it end indeed.