Thursday, April 19, 2007

Community, springtime, business, etc...

This morning I read Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley's column from yesterday's Chronicle, wherein Greg talked about the recent celebration of canoeist Rick Kark's 300th river experience here on the East Twin river. A small armada of canoes and kayak's joined Kark on the river, followed by a post-trip discussion and presentation from him at the Community House. The article got me to pining for warm weather and more outdoor activities that don't necessitate layered or insulated clothing. By the way, Greg does a nice job with his weekly column, regularly providing a well-written essay of interesting and worthwhile information on some of what's going on in the's worth reading.

Our goal here at Stumpjack Coffee is to get more involved in and even initiate ourselves a number of events and "happenings" in our community here. As business continues to grow (which I'm pleased to say is indeed the case) we will be better able to diversify and expand our reach into the community with both time and resources. Community involvement and enhancement is an exciting prospect and is one of the key points in our mission statement.

We do have at least one item in the works right now that I can tell you about and that is the "cigars in the park" event that Joe Donati of Lakeshore Cigar Company is planning for sometime in June (specific date to be announced soon). We will be a part of that project, helping Joe with the planning and gofer stuff ("go fer this, go fer that") as well as providing drinks and perhaps some additional coffee/cigar tasting expertise. This event is going to be a lot of fun and Joe gets a huge tip of the hat for coming up with the idea and putting it into action (so you should make a point to visit his shop in Manitowoc, buy several cigars and tell him thanks). Chow Chong of Unique Flying Objects in Two Rivers, and a cigar lover himself, suggested naming the event "Cigars Under the Stars"...I like the sound of that.

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That is a fantastic that it is outdoors.