Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May/June Calendar of Events

Here's a brief synopsis of some of the stuff we presently have planned for the next several weeks at Stumpjack Coffee Company. As other things are added we'll just update this calendar and push it to the top of the page again, and as things get closer we'll post a reminder with added details such as times, secret passwords, where the treasure is buried, and what color socks you need to wear in order to participate...

Thu. May 3 - Chess Club (come and join the fray...)

Thu. May 10 - Chess Club
Fri. May 11 - Nikki Nischke, Art Opening Reception
Sat. May 12 - Live Music with Happenstance

Thu. May 17 - Chess Club
Fri. May 18 - Live Music with Kerry Michaels
Sat. May 19 - Live Music with Kerry Michaels

Thu. May 24 - Chess Club
Fri. May 25 - Live Music with Koz
Sat. May 26 - Live Music with Koz

Wed. May 30 - Backgammon Tournament
Thu. May 31 - Chess Club/Book Club

Sat. June 2 - Live Music with Kerry Michaels

Thu. June 7 - Chess Club
Fri. June 8 - Gunther Skaletz, author’s presentation

Thu. June 14 - Chess Club
Fri. June 15 - Live Music with Kerry Michaels
Sat. June 16 - Kathryn Gahl, author’s reading

Thu. June 21 - Chess Club
Fri. June 22 - Live Music with Pick and Squeeze

Wed. June 27 - Backgammon Tournament
Thu. June 28 - Chess Club
Fri. June 29 - Wine Tasting w/ Von Stiehl
Sat. June 30 - Classic Car Show

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