Friday, October 16, 2009


Unretouched photo of Becky's kitty, Whiskers.

Tonite: Becky Markvart will be playing the entire Ted Nugent song catalog. Either that or she'll be playing her own great songs. 7pm.

Some of the proceeds from tonight's Stumpjack musical performance by Becky will go toward the welfare of Becky's ailing cat, Whiskers. This is dire stuff folks, so your attendance tonight is paramount to the life of little Muffin...I mean Whiskers.

Unretouched photo of Becky's kitty, Muffin, I mean Whiskers., Whiskers, was so sick yesterday that Becky actually canceled a gig here last night in order to drive sick little Snookums, I mean Muffin, to Port Washington. Yes, you read that correctly, Becky put her foot to the pedal and sped her cat to a hospital in Port Washington. I just spoke with Becky and she said FooFoo, I mean Whiskers, is feeling a little better now that she/he is on the pain medication the doctor gave her/him. Yes, you read that correctly too, Becky's cat is on pain meds.

Unretouched photo of Becky's kitty,, Whiskers.
So, I hope I've impressed upon you the seriousness of this situation and how important tonight's performance...shoot, let's just call it a Benefit for little Boots, I mean Muffin. Please come prepared to hold your lighters up in the air and join in what will surely be a very emotional and dramatic rendition of "Cat Scratch Fever" by Becky Markvart.

Unretouched photo of Becky with reggae superstar Pato Banton sending out well wishes to Whiskers.

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David said...

I just found out that Becky's cat's real name is...are you ready...BOOTS! I just pulled some cat names out of thin air in the post above and, lo and behold, one of them was actually correct! Boots! Yes!! Way to go, Boots!