Thursday, October 8, 2009

Outstanding video of Pato by Mark Matthews

Awesome video of Pato Banton at Stumpjack last month. This video, this song and his spoken word, really give you an excellent picture of the spirit of Pato, of what he's all about. I love how the video captures the crowd response, to what Pato is saying and then in singing the chorus with him near the end of the clip. Please go to this video on youtube and give this video a rating and leave a comment, if you are so inclined.

Video by Mark Matthews, a cat who is developing a rep as someone who is the go-to guy in these parts for consistently high quality video. Check out Mark's handful of youtube videos. I was going to mention a couple of Mark's videos specifically by title, but I just watched them all and honestly, they are all excellent. His ability to find the right piece of music for each video is also quite noteworthy.

It's cool how Pato glances over to the counter when he mentions his granddaughter's name, Cheyenne. He's looking over to my daughter, who's name is also Cheyenne. Nice.

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