Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend music images from Brian's camera

JoAnn Riedl
Brian (Powell) always takes some great pictures of musicians and other Stumpjack happenings when he and Darla are here. Here are a few great shots of JoAnn, Chelsea and Lea from Friday and Saturday nights. Check out Brian's Flickr site; he's got a whole collection of great sets of images from music nights at Stumpjack.
Chelsea Z.


Lea Holz

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bpowell said...

It helps having the best seat in the house, so thank you for that! I'm able to get a number of spontaneous and minimally intrusive photos that way.

I love taking candid photos - they are so much more real than posed photos. Thanks for the mention and photo credits. And thanks also for bringing some of the finest musical talent into TR.