Friday, October 2, 2009

Flannel & Fishnet Stockings Tonight

JoAnn Riedl and Chelsea Z. Rock the House Tonight at 7pm.

Flannel & Fishnets?
Sorry, J & C, but it just popped into my head after I saw these pictures.
It's been a while since JoAnn and Chelsea have been back to the Stump. And I think the last time they were here was one of the very few times I was not here, so it's been an extra long time for me. These dames are just so dang good. JoAnn's band The Barrettes are a take-no-prisoners kickass punk/rock outfit that practice a scorched earth policy of loud and proud sonic crunchiness.

Listen to them at their myspace site here.

Then, forget about hearing that audio knuckle sandwich because tonight it's just JoAnn with an acoustic guitar, and maybe her banjo, for a sound quite different but just as passionate. She's good, folks, whether plugged in and clad in dominatrix garb or strapping on an acoustic guitar over a parka.

Chelsea is a lovely singer songwriter with a too-sweet voice and a self-taught style of playing guitar that's both expressive and workmanlike. She's an artist with a bohemian, have-guitar-will-travel attitude. Dig her music here.

Come on over, warm up with something hot to drink or a beer, and liven up your Friday night at the Stump tonight.

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