Monday, August 3, 2009

More fab art from the IQ

Dig this poster that our IQ (Illustration Queen) Tina Kugler did for an upcoming Lillie Lemon gig. The Lemon show is in October but this is too fun to not share now. Do you recall Tina's other cool gig poster she did for Stumpjack last year for the Them Damn Kids show?:Or this one she did for the snorb! gig in February of this year:Check out Tina's other fab art and illustration prowess on her blog TinaKuglerIllustration. If you're looking for someone to do some cool art for a CD or DVD cover, family portrait, book cover, wedding invitation art, children's book illustration, highway billboard design, tattoo design, candy bar wrapper, whatever-you-name-it...this dame is the one you want to do it for you. I've got plans to do a couple of children's book projects using Tina's talents. And her hubby Carson is the man for much the same sort of thing. We have designs on brewing beer on a small commercial scale in the near future and I'm thinking that Carson might be the man for doing our labels and promo stuff (I say might be because I haven't actually brought it up to him yet).

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