Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live tunes: Something completely different

Friday night
Dennis Hawk
From Dennis' myspace site: Dennis is a mixed blood Native American, Cherokee and Mesquaki. He is best known as a Native American Flute player and flute maker, however, he is also an accomplished guitarist and a composer as well. Dennis has found music to be a healer of the soul and bringing peace to the mind and body.

This is Dennis' first Stump gig and we're pretty pumped about having him here. His flute playing will be something totally different from what we've hosted before.

Saturday night
John Lambert
From John's myspace site: John Lambert is a long-time local Wisconsin Fox Valley musician, vocalist and songwriter. Tomorrow he'll be off to another performance spilling his soul into the lives of others. Writing and singing about lost loves, his beautiful daughters, appreciating what we have and finding a better place than being stuck in "limbo."
This is John's second time at the Stump.

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