Friday, July 31, 2009

Cool Jazz Trio to play the Stump TONIGHT

We are more than pleased and excited to have Saxi Dan's Peas-a-Pye Trio performing at Stumpjack tonight. It's a bohemian rhapsody kind of night. Come on down and mellow out to some good jazz and a Fat Tire Ale.
Saxophone: Dan Schielke
Guitar: Craig Peaslee

Drums/Percussion: Eric Pye

From Craig's Myspace:
Composer/Arranger/Guitarist Craig Peaslee has been impressing audiences for years with his compositions and guitar prowess. Craig's compositions reflect his interest in all genres of music: from Middle Eastern Folk to American Blues; Western Orchestral to traditional Chinese music, Jazz, Rock, Country and combinations of all the aforementioned musical styles. Musicians have enjoyed performing Craig's works to the extent performers have declared that they would "Perform Craig's music at anytime." As a guitarist, Peaslee is primarily a solo performer, playing originals as well as his takes on pieces from nearly every genre from Bach to rock; including his arrangements for double neck guitar of such famous and popular tunes as: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Pink Panther and If I Only Had A Brain. Listen to Craig at

Then, Saturday night at 8...Z-Man brings the Scat Acoustic Funk.

Z-Man (Zach Cleven) hails from Green Bay and this will be his first gig at the Stump. From Z's myspace: My musical journey began in 2008 when I was experimenting with the acoustic guitar and finding my meaning of life. The first song I learned was Bob Marley's "Redemption song" and it took off. I decided my musician name of Z-MAN with my real name being Zach Cleven it fits well. My music has grown to become a huge part of my life as I continue to become stronger as I mature as a songwriter. As I evolved on the guitar I began to develop my own style that many describe as ONE OF A KIND. The Z-MAN wouldn't be where he is, if it wasn't for his friends & family supporting the good vibes of his music and keepin' the spirit ALIVE. He brings a unique twist of skat acoustic funk to the world and isn't lookin' back.

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