Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Blues, Dairyland Esquivel and Good Time Rock n' Roll

Nick Weiland Returns

Yes! Nick Weiland is back to perform at Stumpjack. Although he's popped in a few times to say hi, the last time Nick belted out his excellent blues tunes was at our anniversary party last year. Well, he's been a busy man, recording a new CD and writing some great new music. Nick is one of our favorite musicians. I guarantee that if you like raw and passionate blues music you will love Nick Weiland. So come on down and start your weekend right.

Electric Lunch with
Greg Pagel
12:00 noon
According to Greg: "Come eat lunch at SJ, while I play a bunch of electrical music thingies. The pizza is awesome, and the music will probably be just as good, or at least as good as what's in your fridge."

Electric Lunch has become my favorite Saturday of the month. Greg's keyboard ramblings are always interesting, sometimes inspiring, occasionally odd. Sometimes I get the tiki vibe, sometimes the lounge vibe, sometimes the hopped up on mushrooms vibe. It's dang enjoyable.

The Sheryl and Tom Duet
From Sheryl and Tom's myspace site: The Sheryl and Tom Duet is a fun based pop rock band formed in the north suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. "I believe that a dose of vitamin jam is good for the soul!” says Sheryl. writing style provides a sweet harmony pop song with simple but meaningful lyrics and a catchy hook. Her writing inspirations come from being together, the experience of life in Chicago, and being near Lake Michigan. they set a fresh contemporary standard for close two-part harmonies infused and influenced by early rock and roll.

Sheryl and Tom are coming all the way up from the Chicago area just to perform at the Stump. If you like good time rock n' roll you'll like these two. Give their myspace site a listen.

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