Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Stumpjumpers Picnic in the books

The first annual Stumpjumpers Picnic took place yesterday at the group camp site at Point Beach State Forest. The weather was awesome, the food was awesome, the beer was awesome, the company was awesome. I reckon we had, by my recollection, 26 stumpers enjoying the evening (not counting the grumpy ranger dude). We think we're going to do a picnic again in October for our annual anniversary party, and we'll put that info out there when it draws near.

Below are a few images that Brian took.You can see all of his pics from the evening on his Flickr site by clicking here. My Dad also took a bunch of photos and I'll post those when he gets them to me.
Pat smuggles in some questionable beer (Schlitz, fabulous marketing program, but so-so beer). We brought New Glarus Stone Soup and Dancing Man for everyone. Pat was forced to endure much ridicule and pelting with pine cones.

Pat, Pat, Peggy (looking very hip), Larry and Jayne. I believe they are discussing what would be the proper punishment for Pat for bringing in the Schlitz (you'll notice that Pat, on the far left, looks worried and is starting to back-walk away from the group).

Grilling some steaks I got from a couple of stumpjacks I harvested during a late 2008 northwoods hunting trip. My Dad in the background taking a picture of the ground for a photographic series he's calling..."ground."

Everyone observing the masterful skill with which Larry cuts his steak. The guy is an artist I tell you.

"Who wants the first slab o' stumpjack!?"

The food that everyone brought was fabulous. Who doesn't love potluck picnics.

Kim, I and Bobbi get schooled in bocce ball by Mike. The guy was seriously humbling the rest of us.

After we ran out of pine cones to throw at Pat, we resorted to the bocce balls. Pat is just out of the photo, buried up to his head in the ground. Kim throws the first ball while I mentally measure the distance.

Chillin' round the fire...what a great way to cap off the week.

Thank you, John (right) for bringing the bocce ball set. I think Molly is playing catch football with Glenn in this picture.

Kim placing stones and hard pine cones under the tent on the side where I would be sleeping, while Becky waves a magic wand at Mike to try to turn him into a Taylor guitar.

Great color in this picture by Brian. We got rain around 11:00 or so at the end of the evening. Stayed overnight and listened to the rain dance on the tent.

Mike and Kim. Photo by Marty. Click here to see Marty's pictures from the picnic.


Maria said...

So glad you listened to rain last night. I listed to mooing cows - second night of this racket, along with barking dogs and hollering neighbors. Nice photos...

Robert Worthington said...

Great pictures of the Manitowoc Two Rivers Point Beach state park. This looks like great times in Two Rivers.

David said...

Thanks, Bob. Indeed they are, great times.