Wednesday, April 1, 2009

West of East to appear Saturday

This coming Saturday, April 4, Milwaukee duo West of East will be at Stumpjack at 7pm. I would strongly encourage you to go to their myspace site ( and give them a listen. If you like the kind of thoughtful, smooth and beautiful music of, say, John Prine or Norah Jones, you will indeed like West of East.
A snippet from their website (
"Simply put, it is two guitars, an amazing voice, and a bunch of great stories about life and its many meanings.
West of East is a mostly acoustic duo comprised of Sara Moilanen and Tim Suchocki, who's music borrows elements from Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock & Roll. They have had a successful early career playing and creating lasting impressions in the Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin area."
I am bummed because I personally won't be able to make this performance. I've been looking forward to meeting Sara and Tim and seeing them perform since we first booked the date. But my dear uncle Ozzy passed away this past Sunday and I'll be at his memorial service in Rhinelander on Saturday. Glen and Kim will be working the Stump together so come on down, have a fun time and enjoy what will be some really great music from this talented duo. Seriously, go to their myspace site and give a listen...then come on down Saturday night. You'll be glad you did.


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bpowell said...

What a great performance last night! Sara and Tim have it all going on. They are the real deal, a complete package.

Hard to believe that they aren't doing this as a profession because they have the sound, the polished image with all of the marketing flair (love the pro photo sets they have on their web site). They have it together, for sure.

Enjoyed the hell out of last night's gig. Rich sound both vocally and instrumentally. Very polished. I could have listened to them all night and I did my best to beg them to play into the wee hours.

Thanks Sara and Tim for giving us such a lovely performance last night. Looking forward to your return appearance!