Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flickr sets of recent music nights

Image by Nate Walkner

I'm up editing and loading images and videos from the last couple weeks. Still have a bunch to load from a few months ago when I was wrestling with computer demons and had to transfer a lot of stuff onto Kim's laptop...I'll get to those sometime soon I hope. But for now here are some Flickr sets from me, Nate Walkner and Brian Powell (Nate and Brian have other sets that I'm not listing here...check out their Flickr sites) from the past couple weeks. I'll add the YouTube video links to this same post once I get those uploaded onto YouTube.

I don't have the time to do reviews of all these performances. Suffice to say that each and every one was great fun. We've been very blessed to have such talented musicians play the Stump, and every single one of them has been unbelievably thoughtful and a joy to work with. Click the various links below to see the pix.

Brian's Flickr set of Dan Walkner

Lillie Lemon. Image by Brian.
Brian's set of Lillie Lemon

West of East (Tim and Sara). Image by Brian.
Brian's set of West of East

Dan. Image by Nate.
Nate's Flickr set of Dan Walkner

Ethan Keller & Kelly Underwood

Matt, Steph & Orly say Happy Birthday to Cheyenne. Image by Brian.
Matt & Steph Davies and Orly Bendavid

Hopscotch Wonder packs the place.
Hopscotch Wonder

dankennedy (yessir, that's how he spells it) and Joseph O'Seph belt it out in downtown TR.
Dan Kennedy & Joseph O'Seph

Lillie Lemon

Dan Walkner

That's a lot of pictures. I've been loading for several hours and now it's past 2:00am. As the great Red Skelton used to say, "Goodnight and may God bless."


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the Davies' and Orly and Cheyenne. Everybody smiling and laughing.

Anonymous said...

Dan Kennedy and Joseph O'Seph picture is great too. Looks like a fun and sunny afternoon in front of Stumpjack.