Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning updates no. 1 & 2

Good morning everyone!
Sent out an email and a blog post late last night letting you all know that we'd be closed today (no whining please, I do this once or twice a year and am confident that you can handle it if you really put your mind to it). Here's an update from last night's festivities.
Pato. Image by Nate Walkner.
It's 9:30a.m. and we're just waking up as I lie in bed to write this...groggy, achey, sandy-eyed and sore...oh so sore. Actually I have to write this in bed because the body is not-so-politely demanding that I remain horizontal for a little while yet (must be getting older).

We got home around 2:30 a.m. and waking up this morning to the rain and throbbing knee said "Good thing you sent that email out last night, David, cuz you ain't getting out of bed for a while." Man, that was a riot last night. (You know, even my fingers are sore this morning...typing is like work!)
Eddie Farmer on trombone. Image by Nate Walkner.
Pato Banton and the Now Generation Band...just an unbelievably uplifting, energizing and musically awesome performance. The Stump was packed and we worked our tails off. My knee is swollen and raw this morning, I think from running up and down the stairs resetting the breaker and then hauling tables back in at 1:30. 60 minutes on the inversion table ought to do the trick today.

Everyone in the crowd was gracious and patient and joyful (there usually seem to be one or two nimrods who don't quite get it...they make the dork list). Everybody loved Pato. The Now Generation band members were, to person, absolutely wonderful and sweet. Everyone in the band was wonderful - really fine people - but special mention goes to Daniel (guitar) and Antoinette (keyboards) and Brian (trumpet) just because I got to chat and get to know them a little bit more. Lovely, joyful spirits, all of them.
Daniel on guitar. Image by Nate Walkner.
Pato himself was every bit and more the gentleman and shining spirit I had been told he was. He is patient, humble, funny and a great entertainer, connecting with the crowd and getting people to move, dance, sing along with him, and even turn to hug the people around them. He took time to sign CDs and photos, take pictures and chat with people, was very gracious and made everyone feel special.
The only real hitch of the night was the electricity. The breaker popped a few times in mid-song and I had to run downstairs to reset it (I think that tee'd off my already shaky knee). But man, Pato and the band were unbelievably professional and gracious during those few moments, carrying on, making light of it and just having fun. It had to be a little disconcerting (pun intended) for them, but Pato is a pro and all was cool. The crowd picked up on it too and sang along with him during those few seconds when the speakers died. Audio man Mitch was Johnny-on-the-spot and "fixed" the situation eventually...thanks Mitch.
Image by Nate.
They were pros through everything, when Pato improvised with a cooler to gain a bit more height so that the crowd could see him better, when someone from the audience invaded their space to dance during a tune (invading the band space is a huge no-no, people...and that's putting it mildly), when taking time after the show to connect with people, when setting up and breaking down (a well oiled machine they were).
Image by Nate.
The policia arrived, as expected, with a noise complaint and they also were excellent. I figured there would be someone who would call, even though it was early in the evening and it was awesome music they were hearing. But the cops were great, told us to have fun and that they were just making us aware of the complaint, and that at around 10:00 we might want to bring it down a notch if the show went any longer than that. The TR police have always been good to us, very professional and supportive.
Mike, Pat, Kris. Image by Nate.
However, I did have a moment or two when I wondered if the old building could take what Pato and the band were putting out. A 100+ year-old building with questionable wiring...the bottles on the shelves were vibrating forward and one bottle did actually vibrate off the shelf and fall (fortunately it didn't break). This was the largest band that Stumpjack has held thus far, which was initially a little cause for concern, but they made it work and work well. But I realize now that we need to address a couple of issues, sound and electrical especially, as we continue with these events into the future.
Bryan on trumpet. Image by Nate.
Nate and Marty have placed some images and video onto their Flickr sites (click here for Marty's - Click here for Nate's, Nate's pics are incredible, he has two sets labeled Pato Banton) and I'm placing some video on our YouTube site too. Marty has a little video/audio with Pato singling out "Mr. Green," our good friend Bill. So, Bill was one of the stars of the audience along with Sarah (the first "lady in red"), Bobbie, Jayne and someone else who I don't recall. Those moments by Pato really added to the performance and to the night, as they turned the show into more of a "party of friends" and brought people together.

The music was incredible. They are all very talented musicians and I think it's a credit to Pato's talent and musicianship that he has assembled such a top notch band. His own songs are uplifting and infectious and you would be hard-pressed to try to not move with the rhythm and sing along. He's a great showman and an exceptional human being, who is living his mission to bring positivity and love to people through his music and message. It was an honor and pleasure to have him
at our place. We're looking to get him and the band to perform at EthnicFest next year (and maybe yearly) and to return to the Stump for another gig as well.
Talking to Don. Image by Nate.
Finally, many thanks to our friend, Don, for working his tail off to make all this happen too. You hook up with people who have a passion and the care to make something happen and good things do indeed happen. Thanks, Don.

If you were one of the lucky ones who saw Pato last night please make a comment on here about it. We want to share with Pato and the band and give them more reason to come back again.


rmuskett said...

An awesome show that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Pato and crew for a wonderful uplifting show and thanks David and Kim for making this all possible. I didn't have extra cash with me so when I got home I immediately went to Pato's web site: and bought a CD (and I'm sure I'll be back to buy another). The music was great, the ambiance was great and the crowd was great.
Thanks again and can't wait till the next time Pato visits TR.
(I'm wearing a red shirt next time)

Anonymous said...

It was an absolutely incredible show giving an extremely fun and positive vibe (and vibration)to everyone in the room, and the building and the buildings next to the building.
Thanks for all the hard work and and effort you guys put into getting Pato here and pulling this together.

3shoes said...

Pato and the band were awesome and left me feeling the world was a little better place because of Pato and his band. Special thanks the Stumpjacks for providing a refreshing change to the Mtwc/TR scene. We look forward to our weekly forays where our three year old can jam as we sip great coffee and melt into the music.
Barbara, Larry and Hannah Schuh

Anonymous said...

After 2 hours of dancing while standing on a chair (sorry David, but I did take off my shoes!), I was exhausted. We weren't an audience last night, we were all part of the show - and it was just too much! Can you imagine that positive energy washing over 15,000 people in downtown Two Rivers during Ethnic Fest!!!! I'm tired and even a little sore, but so what, I'm just gonna GWARN!

Nate said...

it's hard to shoot a moving target, and those guys just never stopped! toss in a packed house, and it made my job difficult, but the music was great (how can you not love the horns section?) his interaction with the crowd was great, all in all, he was a great guy with a great band and they put on a great show

Becky Markvart said...

Good afternoon, David!

I tried to leave a comment, but for some reason am unable to do so. Long story short, I'm computer challenged and don't know how to get things to work. Anyway, I'll tell you what a wonderful time Mike and I had last night. That was one of my very favorite and most memorable times at the Stump. Thank you so much for getting it all arranged and running your tail off last night! You, Kim and Glen were great. It was definitely so much more than I had imagined and can't wait to see them again. Bravo for doing this!!! I am so glad I was a part of it. The band was so professional, yet kind and made sure to make us all feel special. I think that's the most commendable thing a musician can do for his/her fans.

Thanks again!

Mark & Marcia Chatenka said...

We had a great time last night. Great music and entertainment. Reminded me of our special vacations to Jamaica. With all this cold weather we needed last night. Thanks again and hope to see you at Ethnic Fest in TR this year! M&M

Mark & Marcia Chatenka

Don said...

Man I'm sorry I missed that show, had a family commitment though. We should get Pato back for acousticfest maybe. We should see if Mama Digdown's Brass Band could do AcousticFest. I've seen them live and it is great.

Anonymous said...

How cool can you possibly get - a national reggae act that came to Stumpjack! How gracious of Pato and the band to be kind enough to grace us all with their presence in humble little-old Two Rivers. My friend and I very much enjoyed the show. This was truly a memorable event. We were honored to be a part of it.

-Brian G

Arthur said...

An awesome evening ... Pato reminded us that it truly is "one world, one love" ... for over two hours the dream was reality and perchance we all left and found our way to our homes with a bit stronger belief and bit brighter hope ... David, Kim, Don, Mitch and all the others who worked to bring the night together: congratulations and heart-felt thanks ... To Pato and The Now Generation: you brought the music, the love and message in a way that could not be surpassed - to be a part of your performance was a blessing

may we all come together again soon!

David said...

I want to say thanks to Glen too for his help making the night a success. His help in arranging the space, providing the truck and muscle to help get furniture out of the space to make more room for people, and behind the counter work all night was essential to making this as successful and fun a night as it was. Sometimes Glen gets forgotten by people just because they see Kim and me more often than him. But imagine what a panic it would have been at the counter last night without him there to carry the ball too...scary. And instead of getting home at 2:30 in the morning we would've gotten home at 4am without Glen helping to clean put the shop back in order...thanks, bro!

Maria said...

Hmmmmm me thinks the computer ate the first comment. It went something like this:

Freaking awesome. I'm wearing a red shirt next time. What a performance. Sore from two hours of dancing, but what fun! Can Pato and the band come back this Saturday? Hope Ethnic Fest books him. Thanks David, Kim and Glen for all your work on this. time let us help you clean up. With the 5 hours save, we could have an after-party. David, ice that knee.

Bill Granger said...

Nothing but fun!!!!

"Mr. Green"

WaterCare Corporation

Bill Granger

Chris Kuehnel said...

It was indeed a great event David, thanks for having the guts and gumption to bring them to town!!! You deserve the day off!

DON said...

Big Love Pato My Friend! We definatley had a great time! thanks Bryan, Tony, Mike, Eddie, Antoinette, Danny and Mr. Black. The Now Generation and Mr. Pato Banton, what a combination, nothing short of IRIE!