Monday, March 30, 2009

Music and Art Show follow-up

Carson's art show opening was a kick. Everyone loved his and Tina's work, kids big and little had a good time, Doc & Joe provided excellent tunage, we sold 8 or 9 pieces, and we are thinking of having a second opening in two or three weeks just because we didn't really have time to announce this one properly (we'll see how energetic I feel, and how energetic Carson and Tina feel too...but it was fun and I don't mind repeating fun).

Friends of the artists turn out. Carson w/ little guy on the right.

Jim and Tina view critically but Eric gets the Oscar.

Don expresses dismay to Jane that that piece was sold, threatens to kneecap buyer.

Tina overseeing rugrats' dominoes construction.

Jess and Glen

Fun time Saturday night with Doc & Joe and everyone who came to hear them. Great stuff from those two guys, and they're dang good people too. A darn nice double whammy (they performed both Fri & Sat night). Gotta do that kind of whole weekend gig with them a little more often I think.
Nothing but pure aural goodness.

Larry, Peggy, Pat and Jayne

Carrie, Roy, Lisa, Dale and Glen

Jackie, Wencel, Debbie and Brian

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It's Jayne
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Editing David's work while listen to Pat DiNizio/Buddy Holly and thinking about maybe a glass of wine.