Friday, September 19, 2008

EthnicFest in Two Rivers!

EthnicFest last year
Tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day...EthnicFest in downtown TR, the annual city party held right in the middle of downtown. They block off a chunk of the main drag (Washington St.) and approximately 10,000 people wander around enjoying the sunshine, variety of foods, live music, and community. It's a fantastic event, a lot of fun and also the busiest day of the year at the Stump.

Brule will be back this year

Besides hammering out a truckload of lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, smoothies and sodas we'll be dishing out gelato and probably more than a few beers too. And there's something else we're pretty excited about at this year's shindig: Jerry Heimerl of the Saxon Homestead Creamery will be set up outside the shop offering samples and selling some absolutely wonderful artisan cheeses that Saxon produces. We're excited about it because we will be carrying Saxon artisan cheeses in the next week or so, and Jerry is going to be here for the day to kind of let folks know that very thing. I'll post in greater depth about this later on, but be sure to stop by the Saxon Creamery table and try a little of their Green Fields or Big Eds or whatever other awesome cheeses Jerry might have with him.

And make sure to come into Stumpjack for something deelish to carry around with you at EthnicFest, which will undoubtedly mark you as one of the cool people on the street this day. But remember, just because you're a Stumper doesn't mean you should overtly flaunt your superior coolness to any lesser mortals that might around (while understandable, that would be bad form) a Stumpjumper you are there to set an example for the as yet unaware folks of the world.

Then at 8:00pm, Saturday night, don't forget that Nick and Brian of Whiskey Jars & Scandals wil be here to kick out some mighty fine blues rock. Be here or be square.


Maria said...

The person you find sleeping on the bench outside the Stump will be me - so I can be first in line to buy some of that truly incredible Saxon Homestead Creamery cheese.

David said...

Should I leave pillow out there tonight?

Maria said...

How sweet of you. And how about a piece of cheese cake, too?

David said...

Ha! Can probably fulfill that one too.